Entrepreneurship Network

To connect alumni in the entrepreneurial space; founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, startup employees and to-be entrepreneurs are welcomed to join. Through networking socials, online discourse and upcoming events, the network aims to facilitate discussion, provide mentoring, consultancy or funding options, encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship within the group.

Finance Network

The finance network is for Chevening alumni who work in the finance industry.

Law Network

The law network was set up to bring together Chevening alumni who studied law, or work as lawyers or as professionals in law-related fields. Lawyers working in any specialty such as civil, commercial, human rights, in-house, IP, finance etc are welcome. So are professionals who work in compliance, legal publishing, or other similar law-related fields. We are hoping to formally launch this network in 2018. Watch this space!

Media Network

The media network was formed to encourage Chevening alumni who graduated in a media-related subject or who now work in the industry to collaborate across borders. The network welcomes a wide range of professionals, including those who work in journalism, marketing, communications, public relations, film, documentary, and publishing.

LGBTI+ Network

The CAA LGBTI+ Network is set up for Chevening alumni who are interested in or currently working on LGBTI+ issues (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex, etc.). We hope to build communication and cooperation on LGBTI+ related issues in academia, human rights advocacy, business, art, and media. This network is not an LGBTI+ exclusive network, we welcome people with any type of gender and sexual identity.