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Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. For more information email us at info@cheveningalumni.com or use the contact form below.

I’m an alumnus in my home country/I’m not based in the UK. How do I join?2018-01-06T17:12:49+01:00

We are a global alliance and all Cheveners are welcome to connect with us and attend our events!

Most of our events are hosted in London but we are starting to host events in collaboration with Chevening associations in different countries. Keep an eye on our events page for details.


What makes the Chevening Alumni Alliance (CAA) different?2018-01-06T16:41:05+01:00

We are a global alliance, we aim to bring together Cheveners from different years, countries and industries.

Traditionally, Chevening associations are country focused but as our society has become globalised the social capital of our network is invaluable and we are bringing together alumni from around the world to exchange ideas, best practices and co-create – We are global, multi-disciplinary and collaborative!

What’s the difference between the CAA and Chevening Connect?2018-01-03T19:29:17+01:00

The CAA is an alumni initiated organisation while Chevening Connect is an online social network set up and backed by the Secretariat. We have a board of members that come from a wide range of experience and background and we actively organise events to promote different topics and connect alumni. The CAA is based in London but we are a global Alliance.

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