CAA attends the relaunch of the Slovenia Chevening Association

Earlier this month, the Croatian and Slovenian Chevening association jointly held a two-day workshop to discuss the re-launch of the Slovenian Chevening Alumni Association.

The Chevening Alumni Alliance (CAA), represented by Monch Roderos, was invited to present the CAA’s experience on managing events and engaging with alumni.

The workshop kicked off with a reception hosted by the British Ambassador to Slovenia, Sophie Honey.

The Ambassador took note and supported all the enthusiastic alumni involved in the re-launch of the alumni association.

Over two days, several sessions were held on organisational development, event management and alumni engagement models to assist the Slovenian Cheveners.

The CAA participated in two panels on event management and alumni engagement. Monch shared the CAA’s experience in getting partners to jointly host events such as KPMG with the Global Webinar on Brexit or organising specific topics that alumni are interested such as the media, entrepreneurship and finance network hosted by the Alliance.

Marko Pavić, head of the Croatian Chevening Alumni Association, ended the workshop on a high note by sharing future plans for a wider Chevening European network and a European conference to be held in the coming years.